Vision of RM-Medic

The goal of RM-medic is to inform the world of the Korean government’s excellent quarantine system and to quickly introduce corona-related products so that many countries can be free from corona. So we are trying to connect directly with corona-related manufacturers to supply the best quality products to importers in each country at factory prices.
We are reducing the risk of large transactions through the guarantee of the insurance company in the event of a contract for a firm transaction.
As a result, please understand that only a firm and large order and a fully prepared importer can send an estimate.

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How to Buy Only the Best

We produce and supply corona-related products contracted directly with the factory.Only those who want a large income can request an estimate. There must be a letter of intent for purchase and a funding plan document.
We will satisfy our customers at the lowest price (factory price) if they are met.We are preparing to be a safe transaction through the guarantee of the insurance company when signing a contract with a customer.

Buy the Best for diagnostic kits

Korea’s diagnostic kit exports only EC and FDA-certified products to the United States and Europe with excellent technology. All the documents required for customs clearance are ready.

Corona Defense Mask

The corona virus spreads saliva powder into the air. Wearing a mask is one of everyday life. A mask with MB filter will protect us from corona.We supply the best quality masks at the lowest price.

protective clothing-medical staff

Many medical staff are exposed to virus infection for Corona quarantine. Protective clothing is a minimal preparation for protecting the medical staff.The protection of the medical staff is the eradication of the virus.

face infrared imaging gate

It implements social distance control by installing face infrared imaging system in large buildings, dense areas, and important facilities.infrared thermal imaging system

life-protecting ventilator

Currently, it is difficult to supply high-performance ventilation that is essential for intensive care units.We have secured a small amount of ventilation and are supplying it.

rapid diagnostic kits

The key to Corona’s quarantine is rapid virus diagnosis and prevention. Rapid diagnosis is essential. Korea’s great technology has a very high probability.

Join us : Production Plant Linkage System

Connecting with mask & protective clothing manufacturers, diagnostic kit companies or medical equipment manufacturers, the company establishes a sales system that can produce the optimal products desired by customers-safe transactions and supply the best products can be supplied.

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